Design and Content

Basic information relating to colour schemes, lay-out, theme and type of web-site will be agreed before any work commences on the design.

All factual content (text, pictures, links, etc.) will be supplied by you, either by e-mail or on floppy discs via normal postal routes. Lion Designs can accept no legal responsibility for such material, so, for your own protection, please be sure of the veracity and copyright of anything to be included.

Lion Designs can produce original artwork if desired, which will be charged at our standard hourly rate (see pricing below).

Any hard-copy pictures/photographs can be sent to us in the post and scanned for use on your web-pages. The size of such images is restricted to A4 for highly technical reasons - that's how big our scanners are . All such material will be returned to you in the post but Lion Designs can accept no responsibility for subsequent loss after posting.

Images can be "thumbnailed" on the page (that is, made much smaller) and linked to a larger graphical image "off-page". This off-page image does not constitute another "page".

Any Lion Designs created web-site will include a small Lion Designs banner credit, which will link back to this site. Please do not remove this, as it's our way of advertising our craftwork. We reserve the right to display a graphical representation of any produced pages on our own web-site for the purposes of illustrating our portfolio.


All services to produce an integrated web-design are charged at Twenty Five UK Pounds per hour (Thirty Eight US Dollars). Currently this is payable in advance by cheque, postal order or international money order.

Estimates of cost for complex or commercial sites will be agreed after the nature of the project is understood by Lion Designs and an assessment of the work involved has been made.

Subsequent servicing/updating of created pages is available at a rate of Twenty Five UK Pounds (Thirty-Eight US Dollars Fifty Cents) per hour. Lion Designs will keep a copy of all sites on local media so that updating can be performed simply and with the minimum of fuss.

Lion Designs is happy to create basic two-page integrated web-sites for bona-fide UK charities free of charge. More complex sites for such organisations will usually qualify for significant discounts on our standard hourly rate. Lion Designs reserves the right to decline free work on charity web-sites for any reason (although the reason is usually work-load related).

Where work is done on a Free of Charge basis (e.g. for charities) Lion Designs reserves the following rights: the web-site must carry a link on each page to Lion Designs as designer; the agreed design must not be changed to any degree by any third party without prior agreement from Lion Designs; Lion Designs may use the resultant web-site for advertising purposes on it's own site; any domain names arranged by Lion Designs will remain the property of Lion Designs unless previously agreed in writing (payment for this service will not normally fall under the terms of FoC and will normally be charged at cost); Lion Designs will be happy to carry out reasonable management and maintenance of the site (if this work becomes excessive, i.e. more than one hour per month, Lion Designs will charge 25 per hour for extra work, subject to our discounts for charitable organisations). If any of these terms are breached then Lion Designs reserves the right to charge for the work done at a rate of 25 per hour to a maximum of 500.


Your web-site will be delivered by e-mail or floppy disk, via snail-mail, the choice is yours.

Uploading of the your site to web-space is the responsibility of the you, the client. However, for a nominal extra charge Lion Designs can undertake this task for you. The charge for this service for personal clents is Five UK Pounds or Seven and a Half US Dollars, provided the appropriate user name and passwords are provided to us.

Web Hosting

Lion Designs is now pleased to be able to offer a hosting service to it's clients, via our partner company, Lion Host. The cost of this hosting is Sixty UK Pounds per year (Ninety US Dollars Fifty) or Thirty Five UK Pounds per six month period (Fifty Three US Dollars). For more details of this hosting service please visit the Lion Host website. Domain names for this service may be purchased (subject to availability) from us at a cost of Nine UK Pounds for .org.uk or .co.uk names. If you already own a domain name we will charge Nine UK Pounds to transfer it to our servers.

In addition, we are now able to offer FREE web-hosting for small charity sites via our new enterprise, Charity Webs. No domain name needs to be purchased for this service. Charity Webs will place their own small logo on any page thus hosted.

There is no charge for uploading your site to Lion Host or Charity Webs webspace.


Lion Designs is committed to the socially acceptable side of the world wide web and will not undertake any work which is pornographic or promotes hatred or abuse of any kind.

The content of any pages or sites designed by Lion Designs is in no way a reflection of the views or beliefs held by any member of the design team.


The meaning of "basic personal five-page integrated web-design" is five web pages which are not intended to sell products or services.

A "page" is no higher than 1800 pixels (this is approximately equivalent to scrolling down an 800 x 600 screen three times) and no wider than 800 pixels.

The pages will have simple coloured or graphical backgrounds unless otherwise agreed.

The content will be that which is attainable by ordinary html; use of dhtml, Javascript, Java applettes (spit!), cgi, asp, php, Flash, etc. scripts is not covered under the term "basic" except for simple Javascript button mouse-over effects, normally used for navigational purposes.

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